Ever since its establishment the work of ALMAREX Ltd focuses completely on the performance of consultancy services with leading fields structured along several main groups:

Management Consulting

  • Financial Management – analysis, planning, budgeting and evaluation;
  • Elaboration of the necessary documentation, required by the credit institutions for financing and granting of credit;
  • Elaboration of financial analyses and strategies;
  • Strategic management and business planning;
  • Elaboration of programs for financial recovery and stabilization;
  • Business estimation, market cost of the company and assessment of the business assets;
  • Strategic and market share analysis by means of marketing research for the development of new products;
  • Elaboration and promotion of marketing plans and strategies;
  • Elaboration of general company strategies by means of integration of marketing plans, programs and budgets of the company.

Business Planning

  • Elaboration of operative business plans;
  • Elaboration of business plans for specific needs (investment and turnover crediting, elaboration and promotion of new products and technologies, substantiation for free grants from EU programs );
  • Market value of the business of the company in case of merger, takeover, split, stocks sale, privatization and for other purposes;
  • Investment analyses and investment business plans by application of the methods of Cost Benefit Analysis, risk assessment and economic feasibility study.

Project Management

Elaborations of project proposals for free grants – from the programs PHARE, PHARE-ТBC, LEONARDO DА VINCI, SAPARD, SIF, the program of the Japanese Government etc. and their management.

  • Attraction of funds: sources of financing, donor requirements, types of financing;
  • Project Elaboration: elements of the proposal for a project and their logical interrelation; graphics of the project working plan; proposal for a project; balanced draft budget; searching for suitable partners and defining their participation in the project implementation.
  • Management and coordination of projects: organization and tools for project management; work planning and reporting; level of project coordination; quality management during project implementation; risk management; reporting of the results from the project activities; monitoring and assessment of the project results.
  • Funds management: models for project costs reporting; reporting of costs for the separate budget categories (manpower, equipment, consumables, business trips and other expenses); transferring of financial funds among the partners and among the budget categories; preparation of financial reports.

Green industry

  • Analysis and assessment of the energy balance of public and industrial buildings;
  • Heat calculations;
  • Proposals for energy-saving measures;
  • Assessment of causes for expenses after the application of energy-saving measures;
  • Assessment of the deadlines for the pay back of the offered investments;
  • Projects for the production of heating and electricity generated by alternative energy sources under EBRD program.

Quality Management Systems

Consulting of companies for the elaboration, introduction and preparation for certifying quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2000

  • Process approach for elaboration and documenting of QMS. Definition of the processes in the company;
  • Elaboration of the QMS document – procedures and working instructions; Quality Manual.
  • Personnel training.
  • Trial introduction with the purpose of elimination of faults and defects as well as looking for possibilities for improvement;
  • Internal audit of QMS. Corrective and preventive measures;
  • Elimination of the established non-conformities in the process of certifying the QMS on the part of the certifying organization;
  • Internal audit of QMS. Corrective and preventive measures in the period prior and during the implemented periodic internal audit and re-certification on the part of the certifying organization.

Training courses for management improvement

  • Training and elaboration of programs for professional development;
  • Training courses for entrepreneurs and elaboration of training plans and programs;
  • Workshops on European and international programs (PHARE, PHARE-TBC, LEONARDO DA VINCI, SAPARD, SIF, program of the Japanese Government );

Training programs for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) for the current legislative requirements automatic essay writing of the EU, community policies and funds of the EU, organization and management of the accession to the EU.

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