About Us

ALMAREX Ltd is a consulting company, specialized in the field of management consulting. It is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations (BAMCO), which since 1990 is a member of the European Federation of Management Consultancy Associations (FEACO). It is also a member of the Association of Business Appraiser (ABA), the Association for Energy Analysis (АЕА), Association „Club 9000” and the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design (CEID). Since 2004 the Company is a consultant to the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank.

For the whole period of its activity, the Company has been actively participating in the privatization, in the elaboration of international projects and it has been developing its consultancy activities in Bulgaria. ALMAREX Ltd works in close collaboration with international consultancy companies from Spain, England and Austria. Until now the work of the Company has been fully connected with the provision of consultancy services for Bulgarian and international legal entities with partial state and municipality participation in the capital as well as private small and medium-sized enterprises from priority sectors of the economy such as tourism, power generation, agriculture, woodwork and timber industry, food industry etc..

Well-known organizations from the country are partners to the Company – Institutes for Post-Graduate Studies at the University of National and World Economy (IPGS at UNWE), Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), National Network for Business Development (NNBD) with Jobs Programme.

In view of the forthcoming membership of Bulgaria in the European Union, ALMAREX Ltd focused its mission on the consolidation of the Company positions as a demanded and reliable partner in the country as well as on its stable integration in the European market of management consultancy.

In this respect the objective of the consultancy activity of the Company is the ambition to provide highly specialized and practically reliable professional consultancy services for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, communities and organizations, created on the basis of public-private partnership, while at the same time constantly researching, analyzing and foreseeing the dynamic changes in the business environment in the country. The aim of the activity is also connected to proposing contemporary models in the field of management and development of the human and organizational capital by means of holding specialized modular training for enhancement of the professional and qualification capacities of managers and specialists in the country.

 The consultancy services are oriented towards supporting the clients in defining their problems and identifying new possibilities for their business, proposing solutions for them and participation in their implementation with the purpose of achieving a competitive advantage, ensuring their strategic market positioning in the future.

The key issue of ALMAREKS Ltd. is working on projects, related to green industry as a tool for implementation of sustainable economic growth,  new jobs creation,  productivity increase and achievement of competitive advantages for the national economy.

Our main objective is  through projects for investment in “green industry”  to support the process of the Bulgarian enterprises to come out the crisis and the transformation of the Bulgarian economy into a more efficient and environmentally friendly economy; to create conditions and production of environmentally friendly products, supporting the protection of environment or  recyclable products, more effective use of waste or other products of production processes, reducing energy consumption in order to optimize the resources used for production processes of enterprises. In this regard, the company had designed more than 10 small and medium enterprises investment projects in the country, related to the construction of photovoltaic power plants, projects for energy efficiency, performed energy audits of public buildings in several municipalities, developed a project for  kogeneration  model based on primary source straw, participated in a project for green procurement and promotion of ‘green label’ in international project “TEX-EASTile”, SEE / A / 069 / 1.1 / X – program “South East Europe”. Consultants of the company are external experts within the frames of  EERECL Program (credit line for energy efficiency and green energy) to EBRD. The Company is a certified auditor for Energy Efficiency at the Energy Efficiency Agency.

The Company pays special attention to the training and dialogue with the clients. The training-presentational workshops and courses held on up-to-date topics and regarding European and international programs enhance and consolidate the professional capacities of the managers of small and medium-sized enterprises and representatives of municipality administration.


The values which ALMAREX Ltd lays importance on and the principle it uses to manage its activity are:

  • Professionalism;
  • Precision;
  • Reliability;
  • Honesty;
  • Individual approach.

The satisfaction of the clients and their feedback, the good partnership relations established are some of the most important questions that Company pays attention to.