Foreign investors

ALMAREX Ltd. renders a number of consultancy services to foreign legal entities and natural persons, which are interested in different investments in  Bulgaria as follows:

  • Registration of a foreign legal entity in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation;
  • The consultancies regarding the effective taxation system in the country and tax liabilities of the legal entities;
  • Administration services of certified foreign investors and assessment of the effect of the application of the new Investment Incentive Law;
  • The consultancy services for selection of a real estate for purchasing or leasing regarding the implementation of an investment project – design, legislation, issuance of permits, licensees etc.;
  • Investigation, analysis and assessment of all legal, financial and economic aspects of the expedience of the planned investment; statistic data;
  • Elaboration of business and investment project and implementation of a whole monitoring of the project implementation;
  • Promotion activity: Organization of forums, workshops, PR campaigns;
  • Interrelation with the local authorities and NGOs
  • Other legal and administrative services depending on the type and nature of the foreign investment.